KMC Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2013, as a limited company and started commercial operations in July 2013.

The Company is engaged in the business of trading of mobile handsets, mobile batteries, induction cookers, calculators and other mobile accessories under the brand name of 'KMC', I-Plus, Rocktel, Q-Tel.

The Company imports handsets from manufacturers based in China and have also started assembling handsets in India. The handsets are customized entirely, based on specifications given by the Company to the brand to us.

The Company has a strong product research team, who gives design specs to manufacturers based on the market feedback and competition analysis.

At present, the Company offers mobile handsets, with unit prices ranging between INR 400 to INR 3000

In continuation of our efforts to bring in new, technologically superior products to the market, we have recently launched a new product range of LED Bulbs, Fancy LED Lights. The life of these products is over 30000 burning hours and is eco-friendly with no Mercury contents and UV emissions.

The Company has network of over 750 Distributors reaching out to about 25,000+ retailers which act as point of contact for handset and accessories sales.

Our employees have a strong customer focus ensuring the attention needed to handle clients outsourcing needs. The mechanical and electronic design groups help client with product design or modification needs enabling an effective and timely response and flexible facility provides for simultaneous outputs for many products in a time frame that meets clients requirements.

KMC’s management team is extensively engaged with both industry and government leaders in India & can leverage these relationships to assist OEM in navigating the often complex government policies in India for our mutual benefit.

KMC is today India’s most  respected manufacturer of electronic products for the lighting and Communications industry.